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    fireplace help needed

    hi all,

    i'm building a new house with one working fireplace in the design. we're thinking about putting another working fireplace in our dining room, but it must:

    1. be installed in a wall where other side is the garage
    2. must look like a 'real' fireplace
    3. be gas fired
    4. cannot require a masonry chimney - ie must only vent to an exterior cap

    any ideas?

    ps... i obviously no nothing about fireplaces, lol

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    Done all the time. frame bump out in garage deep enough for the fireplace you select, run manufactuers listed pipe as per manufactures directions paying strict attention to lenght of pipe run, number of offsets and clearence to combustibles. If going with a vertical termination through the roof and roof is lower then the main roof you will have to add some offsets in garage attic to get termination away from house wall. (check manufactures recomendations) Treat garage side of bumpout as per code, 2 layers 5/8"
    firecode drywall ets.. treat inside of bumpout with insulation and at least one layer of drywall and taped or caulked at seams, make sure you fire stop the vent pipe at ceiling height. All this is assuming your going with a direct vent unit

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    Weakfish, what code are you referring to that requires 2 layers of type 'x' drywall on an interior wall?

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    Hearthman, most local building inspectors want two layers of 5/8" on walls seperating garage from living space, some inspectors will let you put one layer on garage side and one layer on house side

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