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    Can someone explain the differences between these two Control Units?

    SYSTXCCUID01-A Infinity Control 1/12/2006

    SYSTXCCUID01 Infinity Control 2/27/2006

    My understanding is that the differences are in zoning capability. Below is a link for some supporting documentation.,3069,CLI1_DIV41_ETI4922_PRD1141_SIT12,00.html

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    -A = new software with some features for the new 2-stage product that will be available late spring/early summer.

    No -A = current software that still works great

    Both have zoning versions.

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    The zoning differences ar significant,as Infinity has controls airflow to each zone based on data learned from the your duct system.It will also stay in low stage much longer.Requires No bypass damper.

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