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I think you misinterpreted my question? I read the forum rules that is why I didn't post my prices of the units I found.
First, site rules state no pricing, so it has been removed from your first post.

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I am not a tech. as you guys well know. I know nothing about the name are they a good system or is it a "Internet Queen" so to speak for those who think they can do it themselves. Again I am not nor would I ever attempt to install it myself. I have a HVAC Foreman friend for that.
rkm, your questions have an open end of answers.

The equipment matters very little. As any and all equipment DEPENDS on a qualified installer to properly size, install and set up the equipment to operate with-in the manufactures specifications.

So in the end, the equipment is only as good as the installer. So, get the best installer you can find and go with the equipment he recommends.

As to having your friend do this on the side... well, what kind of warranty is he going to provide?
Is he going to be around when it breaks at the most inconvenient times?
Since he's doing this for BEER and PIZZA, do you also expect him to do a qualified job that will last 15-20 years?
Is it worth the risk of losing a good friend over saving a little money?
Just some things to think about...