Let me start off and say I have been doing a little researching on a replacement unit for my home.

My house is 1240 sqft on the 1st floor and the same in a finished basement with a walkout. I live in Maryland and it gets in the 90's for a week or 2 in the summer and usually gets down to the 20's in the winter times.

the unit in my house is a Carrier. I cannot complain. It is 20 years old. It is still working. I just put $XXX in it the other day to get me started into the spring, maybe limp it along for another year.

I got a quote from a local Trane dealer and it was for a 2 ton 14i unit rated at 14 seer

Then I got a guote for Sears for a kenmore 2 ton unit rated for 13 seer.

Sears unit was about 2k cheeper. Another thing. If I buy the Kenmore it has a 1 year labor, 10 year parts, replacement. The Train is only 5 year I think. I know Sears money is in the idea if it aint going to break in the first year it should be good to go. I know the labor to fix the unit could kill me.

I just don't know how well the Kenmore units hold up....

I was even looking into one of the DIY units you can get sent to you from the internet. I have a friend who can install it. I just don't know the names. It sounds like I am playing in the dark. Rudd and Goodman were the names of the 2 I found for a DIY setup.....For the same Seer in those units I save a TON of money....All I would be out is say a case of Beer and some pizza to put it in.

Any opinions on the brands?or am I totally out of my mind.

(No pricing, due to site rules )

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