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    Forme HVAC guy buying & instal p stove

    1200 sq ft house Im buying just outside Philadelphia w oil heat. I thought about the Qfre santa fe untill recently hearing about board and pellet feed problems. I am now thinking harmon P43 but would like to pay less for the qfire. I was enticed by the idea of a pioneer( dont rember the brand ) w a remote I can move from the living room to the bedroom for comfort, but any company not offering one says they dont work. I want to not roast to death in the living room where the stove will be and kinda understand do not buy something where there ae 5 heat settings, and am thrown off when I ask what about running a wire to a 24v stat and hear(from cheaper manufactuerers) that It wont work right,and will be inefficient. It also seems like the pellet pipe is expensive, as I will need to punch into the garage up back away from a high roof peak to a shorter one, then up & out. What do you guys have or hardly work on or have.

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    Actually i work for a dealer of Harmon and q-fire pellet stoves.

    For 1200sq ft. i would recommend something bigger than Santa Fe or P43 unless you have good insulation, windows and a good layout those stoves are going to be a bit small.
    I would say the QF and Harmon stoves are fairly good stoves and would recommend them(no i don't work in sales and have no benefit from recommending them) just remember all pellet stoves require routine maintenance and if you do keep up with cleaning them they will usually work very well for years.

    Pellet pipe is expensive nothing you can do about this. most pellet stoves have the ability to be hooked up to a thermostat, location of this and what you have it set to will determine comfort level of the room the stove is put in.

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    I recommend Napoleon, great stove! Also St. Croix but from what I understand their price has gone up quite a bit. I would personally stay away from Whitfield

    A 2-wire mV stat will most definitely work! Most all, have the terminals necessary for it.
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