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    Mendota gas firplace keeps going out!!!

    I have a Mendota Model DXV-45 natural gas fireplace, I can light the pilot and it will stay lit, both burners will lite, but after 10 minutes both burners and the pilot lite all go off. Any ideas!!!!

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    Sounds like you might be losing combustion air. Have a tech come out and check the intake and exhaust flueways. I ran into this a few times.
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    Please don't make duplicate threads across the forums, thank you. I deleted your other one.
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    Sorry, i am new to this and I realized that i posted to the wrong thread!

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    what does your pilot flame look like? if its yellow and the ends of the flame turn up, it could just need a cleaning. If the flame is a strong horizontal blue flame its most likely a weak/bad thermocouple.

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