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    Confused Heatilator ND 4236 - 2 Questions


    1) I am investigating the possibility of installing an aftermarket blower in my Heatilator ND 4236 gas fire place. I found this one:

    Anyone have any other recommendations (good, bad, stay away or otherwise?)

    2) While I was down at the bottom of my fireplace, I noticed a REALLY cold draft. I could actually see the dust wavering in the breeze. Turns out the hole where the gas comes in has a pretty good breeze to it. Along with that, there is a rectangle shaped hole (with some screw holes around it) that is open, with no apparent use. I looked in the installation manual, and the drawings don't seem to indicate the existence of this hole or a cover plate.

    Can I close these off with some metallic tape? Or is there some other substance I should be using to close these off, or should I keep them open?


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    yes you may tape the holes with metallic tape, the rectangle hole you see is where the gas should have come through, and it very typical for there to be a bit of a draft even with these holes taped see "Cold air convection issue" thread. also that fan kit should work fine providing you have good power to the unit.

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    Thank you VERY much for your reply.

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