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Thread: heating problem

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    Talk about your truth in advertising!! This guy even calls himself 'DO IT YOURSELFER' and we're still tripping over each other. Hey mods, where you at when we need you!!??
    Everyone has a purpose in life..........even if it's to be a bad example.

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    Re: heat problem

    Originally posted by doityourselfer123
    Yeah I never had a chance to respond to that because I was dumb founded about all the negative comments. I did do a lot of the work like tear out to save money. But a contractor friend of mine came over and helped me build a new trunk line and he installed the unit......
    Tearing out things doesnt make you a qualifyed service tech do it your selfer.Call a pro.not trying to sound negative just dont want anyone getting hurt or cause you to spend money and not save money due to damaging the equipment. hospital bills can be exspensive to .
    good luck

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    heat problem

    Thanks for the last reply. I fixed it the thermostat was wired for a gas pack, and not a heat pump. I had to add a jumper between w2 and E to get the strips to kick on....WOW DOES THAT METER SPIN!!!!!!

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