I am fortunate to be apart of a large family with many friends. We are all about getting together over a meal during the holiday's like everybody else. Our first big meal is on Christmas eve before we go on our annual hayride. I smoked baby backs and a turkey.

My wife and I then collaborate on the "Snowball" cake that we take to her "Aunt Linda's and uncle Mike's" for Christmas morning breakfast that culminates with street football. Old guys against the kids.

The next meal that I help on was at new years and it was a humdinger. I took some wings and smoked them in my smoker for 1.5 hours.

Then fried them in this thing for 2 minutes.

Then my wife tossed them in my father in laws homemade red chili sauce.

They were awesome. If you haven't smoked your wings before you fry them your missing out!

Happy new year to all you hvac guys that smoke, and all you guy's that love "real BBQ"