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    Ready for the New Year

    'Tis the moment for good cheer,
    As we start a brand new year.
    So let us all in 2012,
    Technical questions delve.

    With answers galore,
    I'm sure there will be more.
    Simple and complicated
    Intelligent and educated.

    So thanks one and all,
    For the cry and the call,
    for the help and request.
    For the answers with zest.

    So where ever you are
    Sometimes near or sometimes far
    Let's crack out the whips.
    Hurrah for HVAC-tips!
    Ain't "None" of us as smart as "All" of us..

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    Tis a side I never knew before, top of the day to you too sir !!

    Stupid computor here at work is not helping me today, won't bring up the web sites I need, I have an TRA 1254...... LOW SUPERHEAT code on one of my back ups.... Cir. 2 comes up and I'm ok, but am trying to get info to look at trouble, site books don;t cover this code, crappy library for this kind of place........

    Any ways, I don't even haev access to a set of gages to use........

    Reset and watch the unit go through start up, head presure climbed but my suction on the pannel didn't go down, chill water around 54 entering.....

    May be forced to bring in my own computor tomorrow to get info I am lookign for, mean time the unit will live and alarms will quiet down....

    second time this has happend in past 48 hours, unit shuts down at night, not a major player for this place......

    ANY WAYS, glad to see and read on ya,have a great week, and take care my friend.

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