OK, for a closer to the year, I am doing a project, it is with a TRANE EXV off a RTAC500. I would like to know the voltage that is aplied to the motor, and what the break down is for the wire, ie, blk + red -, yellow ect. ect...
You will see in the pic that I have opened the devise and plan on creating an opertunity to drive the plunger from an external power supply when doen, this will mount into the Factory fitting, we have a spare, I plan on demistration the action to newby's !!! The valve has yet to be cut to show more detail of the motor and drive device.

Ya shoudl have seen the filler stuff they use, kind of a silicon stuff.

Thanks for help, I figure this will take the upper classmen to get the info I am looking for........... I knwo the valve is feed 24 vac. but then what off the circuit board inside the guts of the valve ?? I have a photo of that too if ya like !!