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    Schematic for Victory commercial frig-timer

    I did not plan on getting involved in our small town cafe's refrigerator issues, but the owner begged me to look at it since his frig guy won't be there until after next Tuesday. Victory 2 door frig, 110 volt, no model number anywhere that I could find.
    Evaporator fans were not running. The neutral wire lost continuity from the defrost timer to the molded-plastic terminal block. I ran another wire from the timer to the fan plug to get them running, but there are some other issues:
    1. Condenser is almost completely clogged. The owner swears that he will clean it with compressed air today.
    2. Compressor has a Hard-Start kit installed; looks like a rat's nest in the pecker-head.
    3. Defrost timer contacts do not change when I manually roll the clock. No model number on timer. Power comes in on Terminal 3, which is connected to Terminal 2. Two N.C. contacts (terminals N & 1??) and a N.O. contact on Terminal X. Timer motor is wired thru the defrost t-stat and then returns to the Neutral. At least that is the best that I can read from the existing timer.

    Does anyone have a schematic for the defrost timer and/or the entire frig?

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    Here's a link to Victory's Tech Info:

    Look around in there and possibly you'll find what you need.

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    Are you sure this is not a Freezer converted to a cooler?

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