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    One question I forgot to ask our HVAC company when they were providing me an estimate:
    Would there be any advantage to having them change/connect each furnace to each outdoor unit using the communicating bus (but still use the Edge Thermostats)?

    Is this even possible or does this require the Infinity controller in order to function correctly?

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    Spoke with our HVAC company today. I am going to have them change over our attic furnace (58CVA) unit and corresponding Heat Pump to the Infinity Controller. They mentioned something about 2 versions of the controller (SYSTXCCUID01-V or -B) For some reason their supplier had both but one was superseded and out of stock?? They wanted to get the latest version - is there a specific version that is bad or one I should request our HVAC company install? I get the impression they have not installed very many Infinity units.

    As for the Utility Company interface, they know how to hook that up (before they referred to BGE for hookup, it will be different than it is currently hooked up now, and the Infinity thermostat will let me know if they are cycling our unit). They did mention that the version of the thermostat mattered for this function ...

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    Just had our HVAC company finish install of the Infinity Controller on our top floor HVAC system. I watched as the installer powered up everything. The thermostat pretty much figured out everything on its own (quite impressive) watching ....

    The BGE interface connection was documented in our heat pump manual, so the installer was able to hook that up as well and set the Infinity Controller to curtail AC or Heat Pump operation if requested by BGE's Peak Rewards interface.

    I think our HVAC company is going to start using these stats now that he sees how easy they are to install and operate compared to the Edge units. He ended up charging me a significant amount less for labor than he quoted me

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