I am hoping you can answer a few questions I have. I am running into some problems with low suction pressure. I have an account with a couple of 240 ton air cooled machines. I am trying to find out if my problem is refrigerant, weather, or component related. I notice the problem on start ups and when the chiller is under heavy load. The unit will go into suction limiting mode. I have verified the flow at 480gpm. When the problem occurs the Kiltech says the demand is @ 70%, the eev is 10% the delta is at 10 degrees, the approach is high around 7. Most of the time the chiller runs great, 1.3 degrees approach, 10 degrees delta, 100% eev, 18% liquid level etc. I have the condensing temp set to 85.

I am curious what you might think.
Am I @ capacity?
low on charge?
liquid level sensor failure?

I was having some issues with the eev and the sporlan driver board about 6 months ago. I replaced them both.