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    I am in need of locating a UV bulb for an ECLIPSE UV CLEANSER. Model 1001 made by BSC corp of Ocala FL. The bulb is uv only, 18.5 watts, 14 inches long straight type, 5/8" dia. bulb #9063L. Purchase 98-99 through a Service Experts company named Brand/ Bohals of Kokomo IN. They cannot locate BSC corp either.
    Also can another type work , is all 4 wire plugs wired the same and of the same plug sizing. How close does ballast need to match bulb wattage to be compatable.
    I tried this in Indoor Air Quality section with little responds. I hate to buy two new units because I cant get replacement bulbs.

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    Mr.Arpa Thanks for leading me in the right direction in locating the UV bulbs. I ordered them today.
    Thanks again Smittaa

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    The bulb you need is widely available (including on ebay for $19.84 plus shipping and any applicable taxes):

    Purely Enterprises PUVLF356 Germicidal Lamp 16 Watt T5 4-Pin UV-C T5F Base

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