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    Quadra Fire Castille no lights

    Have quarda fire castille mfg in 2003. After reading postings in here replaced the vacuum switch and thermo coupler. Now when turn thermastat on i get no lights on contol box. Could new thermo coupler be defective?

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    If you have tested the thermostat and know it is making a call for heat and the unit is plugged in but you don't see a red call light in the box then you either blew a fuse or the control board is bad most likely. You really should have a qualified technician service it. DIY throwing parts at a combustion appliance is not the most prudent thing to do.

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    Update on lights, fixed, but now large fire in box

    Cleaned contacts on box, now getting lights but fire is at top of the fire box and pellet feed doesn't seem to stop. Any suggestions? Dealer wants $150 just to come out and look, and mileage, so not an option there.

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    I'm not understanding what you mean by the "fire" is at the top of the firebox. do you mean the flames are so high that they are hitting the top of the firebox? if so it sound like a cleaning issue.

    what happens is, if the pellets aren't getting enough air(do to too much dirt) then they wont burn fast enough to keep up with the auger/feed.

    what you need to do is make sure the holes in the burn pot are cleaned out. pull the plate down from the top of the firebox and you should see "pipes", make sure they are clean(this is where the exhaust travels) then pull out the back two plates, you should see a flan blade on the right side, make sure this area is clean. and also insure the venting is cleaned out.

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