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LOL, yes I know but the tech was not the one beating on it, I was between service calls just to get it to work. Besides I am a Boilermaker ( power generating) by trade, if something dosen't work we get a beater, if that don't work we get a bigger beater.

Joking aside, I know about things like checking the temp difference on the sides of the rv tubes and the magnets to check for movement of the valve. From what I have heard, there needs to be 50 psi to operate the RV and we are not seeing the pressure anywhere when it is in it's bad mood. Let me say thanks guys for your time and incite. This not being my area of expertise, I am learning more then a home owner or I care to know. At this stage of life I just want the thing to work and I am trusting those that work in the industry to do just that.

I've had problems from amost day one with quality control of Goodman products. I for one will never buy nor recommend them to anyone because of my tinted opinion. I may have gotten a lemon out of 1000's but it my lemon.
Funny ,I have no issues with my Goodman installs,then again,they get the same proper techniques followed as if I were installing a Trane.nuff said.