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    Need Hoshizake Wizard

    Today I went to a call that a tech started on friday. The primary transformer was out on supposivley on a KM2000 3 phase machine. Went with some inline fusses and a transformer. Checked every component for ground etc. before adding voltage with the new transformer. New transformer acted the same as old. Not getting voltage to the board. Tech support says that something is taking out the transformer. Told me to look for 67.5 volts on center cap, guess I dont know what the center cap is cause I checked everything on transformer and was getting 120 and also the working unit next to it. So to end the day I took #6 brwn wire of the toggle and grounded with the bin stat in line instead of its factory 2 wires. Dropped two batches and I had all I could take. Any clarification on this would be awesomeThanks

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    The lower voltage would be line to case ground but read 115 across the control circuit. HTH
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    On hosi, I believe the bypass water valve micro switch will kill the low voltage to the board. You might want to check that.

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