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    Hi Everyone,

    I am a recent member in this blog ,Since i am a food service professional and the food service line is a very niche line and there are a lot of gray areas wherein the relevant training related to design etc are not imparted in any institutions,I decided to start this blog and share my info with everyone.

    My website id is and it deals with all topics relating to foodservce.I intend to write a lot of articles in the near future.

    I am sure this is the right way to share my experiences since I did not have the opportunity during my younger days wherein the facilities like sharing info,the internet was not available .

    I also came to know through forums as to how to get more people to look into my website and know about food service and I have registered myself in a few of the food service groups through Facebook and linked in .

    I would really appreciate if any of you could share on more ideas relating to reach higher %age of people as well as new young guys entering the food service line and would like to know more about this particular line.

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