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    I was told by my HVAC contractor that there is no alternative to the system in the attic with drip pan for back up to air handler drain to pick up overflow in the event of system failure: he said drip pan has a switch which will trigger and shut down the system if water builds up too high in it. I thought there would be a better secondary system to insure that ceilings are never damaged by water in the event the switch fails to shut off the system. Can someone help me with this? Thank you.

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    That's the way it's normally done.

    In order for it to overflow, both drains and the switch have to fail.
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    Do you have a separate secondary drain line from the drip pan to outside the house? You should.

    Sequence of events:

    primary drain line carries condensate from air handler cabinet to outside of house;

    if primary drain plugs up for some reason, condensate drains from cabinet into drip pan through secondary drain hole, which will either evaporate or drain through secondary drain line to outside of house;

    if secondary drain also plugs up, condensate level rises in drip pan till float switch shuts system down, you get uncomfortable, and call your local HVAC company.

    In this area (coastal SC/GA), condensate typically amounts to 6 to 9 gallons a day in a normal 2,000 sf home in the summer. Wouldn't take but a couple days to shut a system dowm after the secondary line plugs up. We never have ceiling problems as long as it functions well. (Ah, but there's the rub!) Get on a planned maintenance program.
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    he can slide a sheet metal pan under the entire unit 1"deep,and pipe it out to a visable spot outside your attic....front porch,back deck,over kitchen window.
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    E-Z trap in the secondary drain opening on the unit,routed through a float switch in secondary drainpan. As safe as it gets. With regular service, you should never have a ceiling problem, as switches shut off unit if there's a problem.
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    drip pan


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