Ladies and Gentlemen I would consider it an honor to introduce to you Mr. Walters or “Pops” to most of us that know him. Pops was born on May 1, 1930 and during his teen years in Alabama stoked coal for the local packing plant. He went on to actually graduate the 3rd grade before his father died and left he and his brother to work so their Momma could keep the house and dinner on the table and work two jobs of her own.

Pops worked many odd jobs but he always came back to and loved HVAC / R. He settled in with a local company doing residential installs and service for the better part of 20 years. When this and several other companies he worked for had used him up and dried his bones he took placement with a large Hotel chain near his home town. This is where I met Pops back in 1986 as I was running a crew to install a couple of new revolving ovens in their bakery. Pops would check us in everyday and make sure we had everything we needed. He would also bring us snacks and take us to lunch to be served by his long time friend and wife, “Granny” Walters or show us where all the best places to go at night before they rolled in the sidewalks at 8 PM sharp and closed the small town.

Granny ran the employee kitchen where Pops would get an earful each time one of her coolers didn’t close right or her oven burned one of her state wide famous homemade pies. Although we stayed there a week installing the new ovens but it seemed only a few days and I wanted to stay longer and I knew I would miss Pops and Granny Walters down home charm and mouth watering cooking.

I stayed in touch with Pops and Granny and dropped by his trailer when ever I could when passing through and always found him in reasonable health and still wanting to talk all about the new refrigerant types and blends. For this reason (his love of) he took the HVAC-Talk site name of “Retro” and has been lurking here for a number of years faintly posting but when he did you knew there was a presence behind the screen. He celebrated his life with positive energy and kindness unsurpassed by any human I have ever known. You could always bet there would be a dollar bill for each of his grandkids in his pocket and a gleam in his eye with deep love in his heart.

Pops “Retro” Walters died last night from a massive heart attack. He leaves behind his friend and wife Granny, two grown children, 7 grand kids, and a slightly scratched gold watch from his Hotel retirement and his favorite old green fishing hat.

Pops, thank you for being you. I love you and will miss my old friend.

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