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    Two Pollacks Go Hunting...

    Two Pollacks Go Hunting, they each kill a moose, and they bring them to the landing strip to await a small plane that will take them out of the wilderness.

    the plane lands and the Polish guys meet up with the pilot.
    the pilot says, "Whoa whoa whoa! what are you doing?"
    Polish Guy#1 says, "we're each loading up our moose so we can get out of here"
    the pilot says, "no! this plane has a weight limit and you can only take ONE moose"
    Polish Guy#2 says,"you gotta be shtn me!, all this trouble for nothing?"
    Polish Guy#1 says, "hey, we asked the pilot from last year if we could each take our own moose and he said it was alright!"
    Polish Guy#2 says,"yeah, and we came back here expecting to take two!"
    The pilot says , "....alright, load em up,let's go"

    the pilot takes off, ...flies for some time,
    then the pilot has to make a steep incline to get over the mountain.
    the plane is too heavy, ...clips some trees... and crashes into the mountain side, ....everyone survives.

    the pilot crawls out from the wreckage, sees the two Polish guys resting under a tree, and walks over to join them.

    Polish Guy#1 says to the pilot "are you alright?"
    the pilot says "yeah , i think so"
    Polish Guy#2 says "where do you think we are?"
    Polish Guy#1 says "believe it or not ....i think we're near the exact same place we crashed last year!"

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    Wow, while this is said in jest I am sure there are people out there that would do the exact same thing.

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    i think we're near the exact same place we crashed last year!
    i was laughing so hard!

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