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    I know you're going to read this BaldLoonie

    Anyway, I had one last person out to the house yesterday for a quote and this guy told me they can get just about any brand of furnace and heat pump but they recommend and have had the longest relationship with Lennox.

    When I asked about Goodman I got an interesting answer. He said Goodman is better now than it's prior reputation but that while the company is certainly good for their warranty, they don't have any serious technical support nor are they as "technically centered" as some of the other brands.

    He cited a for instance: If there was an issue that a local tech couldn't solve, with Goodman the HVAC technician would be pretty much out in the cold if they couldn't find the answer in the technical documentation. Lennox on the other hand would send out a master technician from the factory / technical support group.

    So I guess the questions are: Is this true? Is this a real issue?

    BTW, the Goodman units in question are the GMV95 (90,000BTU) and the 3 1/2 ton, 13 SEER GSH13.

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    Well, as far as I know, Indy doesn't have a version of Roboteq here. One of our Goodman suppliers is decent though their tech people are in branches out of town. The other one I cringe if I have to call them. Maybe Robo can tell how that works if the distributor doesn't have their own people. When we sold WeatherKing, the Rheem regional guy would help us out. On one problem unit that he couldn't figure out, Rheem flew a guy in from Texas to look at it!

    One advantage of American-Standard is the requirement that the supply house has a trained rep on staff. Of course that adds to the price of the equipment but sure is nice to know he's there plus they come in & do training too.

    Now, relax tonight and get a good night's sleep

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    It's very true here, whenever you call the local factory owned Goodman branch, they can't answer technical questions. They are very good at giving out the 800 number for Goodman tech support though.

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    The tech support guy from our local distributor is absolutely wonderful
    If need be he will go out with you to diagnose the problem (never had to have him out with me )
    Anyway I don’t know about everywhere else but here we don’t quit till its right

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    So, bottom line - as an end consumer, should I be concerned about the technical support that Goodman and its wholesalers can provide its dealers?

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    Most of your tech-support calls can be avoided with a properly designed/installed system. Goodman provides proper install instructions, wiring diagrams,etc. If system is hooked to a capable duct system,you should be fine.We had to have a Carrier rep come out to diagnose one of our 19 systems because the contractor installed a system against the design, and now has to make it work or eat the cost.If the contractor you trust has a great relationship with Lennox, that's what I'd go with.
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    Unless I'm mistaken, his question wasn't for technical support from the wholesale or distributor, but from the source.

    I don't think companies "send out" techs willy-nilly. We have a good amount of tech experience in our stores, and only use 1-800 #s for the big 'uns.

    Go with what you feel most comfortable with! That Goodman setup will get you 14 SEER out of that A/C and qualifies for $200 tax credit next year.
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    Originally posted by dougfamous
    It's very true here, whenever you call the local factory owned Goodman branch, they can't answer technical questions. They are very good at giving out the 800 number for Goodman tech support though.
    That cost extra money if they provided all that the price of the equipment would go up I think they operate on an as is policy, Robo probably works out of his house if not and they had to pay his car and gas expensive's he probably would be looking for a job, of course none of what I said is probably true, I am just paying him back for the kind statement he made about me the other day on another thread, he's lucky I did not get madin on him.
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