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    Just wondering what people's opinions are on vent free wall heaters? Would you guys install them in your own house? Or would you buy a wall heater that is vented to the outside?

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    None venters heaters should be outlawed!

    Vented only, is the way to go.
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    would not install them for anyone i cared about.

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    Agreed- not in my home or anyone I care about, even if I'm a heir! Follow ALL instructions to the letter if you insist on using one. That means... open a window or door to let in fresh air among other things. What??? Aren't we trying to heat something here, why the heck would we want to open a window? Simply put-fresh air. SOOOOOOooooo, they have a low O2 switch, don't they? But that is a device which can still fail. But, they're 100% efficient, right? Yep... but that means you're breathing in all the combustion products, since they do not vent to the outside.
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    I refuse to have one, and I refuse to even think about putting one in a friend or family home.

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    I put one (ventless) in my mother-in-laws livingroom. I love that woman.

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    appltech did you tell her she could use it to heat the whole place by turning it to high, and turn the main heating unit down low? LMAO
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    I get tired of showing up to explain that those things stink up the house in normal operation. They put out some CO no matter what.
    Would you like to take on a chain smoking exchange student instead. They would add some heat and and are vent free.

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    Saw a rental 5-7 years ago maybe, that had a ventless heater in it. The landlord was getting a price on a replacement heater as the ventless unit put out so much moisture that the sheetrock was ruined and had to be all pulled down and replaced. I pointed out that the bright ?yellow? tag on the side of the heater stated that A window must be open at least 2" when the heater runs (or something like that), something that renters would ignore Im sure, as they wouldnt want heat a house with a window open.

    We've never sell em nor recommend them. A few local home retail stores sell em and I warn everyone who mentions them that they HAVE to keep a window open when it runs.

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    I don't trust them, but for some reason I think the ones that use the ceramic plates are safer???

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