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    QF 7100 Outdoor Air Question

    I saw a few posts relevant to the 7100 on the forum, so I decided to ask the experts and other users here. I have a newly installed Quadra-Fire 7100. Only had a few fire in it so far. However, there is cold air leaking out the front by the ACC lever when there is no fire, also there is a slight woodsmoke smell in the house without a fire in the FP. I read one way to check if the outside combustion air shutoff is working is to start a fire with newspapers, then shut the outside air damper (clockwise on the knob) and the fire should go out, then rotate counter clockwise and it should start back up. It made no difference. After the fire died, and over two minutes after the OAK shutoff was closed, there was still a good draft present within the fireplace (I could see embers and the burned paper moving around).
    My dealer said that he checked with Quadra-Fire and they said that when you shut off the outside air, the damper opens to inside air and the fire drafts that way.
    I understood that the knob and shutoff were installed in the newer 7100s to prevent cool air drafts into the house from the unit when no fire was present, but if it just rotates to inside air, why would this help?
    Thanks for your help on this!

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    It's been a while since your post but I will reply anyway...I have had this stove for three years and I cannot say enough good things about it. I grew up in New England and know a little about firewood and stoves (I'm in Missouri now). I wanted a "regular" stove but my wife wanted it to look like a fireplace so I found this thing when building our new house. Anyway I have a relatively large house with an open floor plan and this stove heats the whole thing all winter. We run it non stop. To answer your question, you are correct that shutting off the outside air still lets in inside air. You can regulate how much it gets and where it gets it, of course we leave ours on outside to avoid negative pressure. My house always smells like wood in the winter but never any other time. I also have a very slight cold draft when the stove is not on but much less than than my open out French doors leading to the back yard...will have to fix that mistake someday. If you know how to use it, it stays clean, heats amazingly, works like it's supposed to (in the timer we trust), and looks good which keeps everyone happy if you know what I mean. One thing I did was open up the bottom trap door and played with the temperature switch so that it lays flush with the bottom metal panel. I also took a screw driver an ground a small indentation in the fire brick so it lays flat on the bottom. This helped the timer turn on sooner as there were no air spaces between the fire and the switch...if you know what I mean. I hope you are as happy with yours as I am with there anything as pretty as a huge pile of firewood this time of year????

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    We are quite happy.

    We were very happy with it last winter, and felt a little out of place when spring came and it was just a dead box. The fire really lends itself to quite times and family gatherings around the fire.

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