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    Quote Originally Posted by Redwood650 View Post
    Customer calls and says the T-stat makes a loud noise. I get to the house, no TV, No radio, nothing at all in the house is on(I can hear myself breathing)dead quite. I turn the Tstat on, and the relay clicks and she goes" THAT, right there, I can hear that clear across the house" Me: "Maam, that's normal" Turn on the tv and shut up!!!
    Had that one a few times. Normally going from a Chronotherm 3 to a touchscreen 802. Yes, it clicks. It's a machine, it makes noise

    Had a customer with a wood-shop and a temp-furnace wired directly into his 200 sub, complete with elect tape and wire nuts, and his two assistants are turning up the snap-action stat. "The breaker's on, furnace won't turn on."
    "This thing is junk." "

    Look at the furnace, clearly marked "OFF" on the breaker. Killed power, cleaned up the hack wiring, turned on the breaker, all while they're watching.

    Turned it up, off she goes (No filter.) Elements have a fine coating of wood dust.. "Is it supposed to smoke like that? Yeah, if you don't replace the filter".. Sold em a case of filters, and told em to call us for a more permanent installation. Sawhorses aren't a suitable base...

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    Went to a new Jimmy John's sub shop for no heat. Checked York GRTU and found no gas at unit, checked and found no meter to store. I told the manager the problem and he tells me the heat was working fine. I take him outside and show him the space marked for his store's meter, no meter. I asked him if they had set up an account with the gas company and he says no. But still he insists the heat was working.

    I went out on a residential no heat for an old Bryant gas upflow. The home owner is an electrical engineer. I arrive and the dad and son are sitting at the breakfast table looking over the wiring diagram on the back of the blower door. He proceeds to tell me that the "821" switch is bad that is why the fan is not running. I said I don't think so (even before checking) but he continues to argue that he needs an 821 switch. I ask him if the super strong smell of burnt motor windings wasn't a clue? Bad motor, 821 switch was fine.

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    Just to day. went to a restaurant friday after noon because it was 62 in there check thing out find lot of thing not right just get the heat on we have are diner starts in a hour. so I get it up to 72 after 30 min. tell manager will have to come back and get everything up and running.he said good can you come monday or tuesday I said yes see you then and your heat will be ok. Now it saturday 2:00am he calls and said the unit is making loud noise and its cold can you come back at 10:00am ok sounds good see you then.So iam not on call but i go out there walk up to the front door I hear this load noise out side. IM like what the f***. so i Walk over to the out side speakers and its from them. Manager opens the door lets me in mad as hell and said do you hear that its the unit you just worked on its make that load noise. I told him I did not work on his sound system (its in your office and you where in there the hole time) he said it cant be it has to be the unit. so we walk over and turn it down and the noise is gone. I just look at him with a big smile. He than said why was it cold in here at 2:00 am well you have all the thermostat going off at 1:00am down to 60. he told me to have a good weekend and he will see me later and told me to bring my wife back for dinner on him. Will have to before he get the 3 hour over time bill from the office..

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    Quote Originally Posted by trouble time View Post
    A call, no heat on an oil fired Octpus furnace. Customer; "the pilot will not stay lit" ME" sir this is oil fired it does not have a pilot. Customer: "yes it does, I lite it all the time" Me " could you show me how you are lighting it?" Customer; "Sure......."
    He proceeds to tell me how this had to be done quickly.
    He lit a match, pushed the reset button, after a few seconds, opened the access door and through the match in....................
    I dam near fell on the floor laughing.....

    It did light!


    that is so funny but scary at the same time

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    Apartment complex maintenance man calls me today, wanting to buy a pressure switch for his furnace at home.

    Says the other maintenance man came over and replaced the limit switch, but now the inducer goes on and off and on and off and on and off.....but if they take the hose off the pressure switch, the inducer stays running but the furnace still doesn't light and run.

    So, I go by the complex and he's there with the switch. I check it out and show him that it's working fine. So, he gives in and asks me to go to his house on a service call.

    I get there, and it's a Lennox furnace. They've replaced the insertion limit with a CamStat FALT insertion fan/limit....and hooked the limit wires to the heater coil terminals !!

    So, every time the inducer started and the pressure switch closed, the power thru the limit had to go thru the coil instead of the limit switch, causing the board to drop the inducer, and repeat the process over and over....

    I KNOW that the camstat came with a paper with the connections, but it was nowhere to be found....wonder what they did with it?

    A few seconds with an ohmmeter would have done the same thing

    Technical incompetence is NOT a sales tool....

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    1. I went to a no cooling call only days from the end of the 1 year labor warranty. Unit is frozen solid. I go inside and ask the HO has the filter been changed lately. After a few seconds of blank stares he says, what filter. I look and find the filter grill, in the hallway, with furniture covering it. Once I pry it out, I defrost the evap and check the pressures, all are fine.

    2. HO call on Saturday with no A/C and outdoor unit will not come on. I ask have they checked the breaker, answered YES strongly. Arrived and found breaker tripped. Then he wanted to know why I was charging him.

    Apartment complex call, back when HTPV first came out. No Heat, inducer would come but wouldn' close the pressure switch. Found several pine cones in the vent pipe where the kids discovered they could get the screen out of the T.

    I can't count how many I have been to ones that had no oil or LP or gas meter was locked, and switches off in the attic or basement, or float switches hit while storing items in the attic.

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    I had one on Jan. 2nd. Put my ladder up, went to get my tools. This Old Lady was about to rip the front door off the hinges. She wanted me to let her in, said sorry I don't have the keys and it's a holiday for State agencies. She continued to beat at the door, and I told I'd call the State Police if she didn't stop. She then berates and threatens me, wouldn't even stop when I told her it is a felony to threaten a state worker, on the job. I asked who she worked for, Federal Gov. Why aren't you at work," it's a damn holiday." BTW the unit wouldnt heat because the thermostat was set on cool, not auto. Had to go back next day.

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    No cooling call on a backwoods bar and dance club. Boss says this woman's stiffed us before, get the money upfront.
    I make her pay for the past and current service call. She says "can you fix it?" I say "sure, just hand me the money first."
    Once I was paid I told her the entire blower was missing.
    She says "Oh, that Mr. Hatfield". Apparently we weren't the only company she stiffed, but the competitor returned to remove his parts.

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    This blog is great. story TOPPERS! OK I go out on a thermostat buzzing call.. We were out the day before and changed out the blower motor. I arrive and ring the bell. NO ANSWER. Then I knock and dog barks, obviously door bell doesn't work. Customer has me come through the garage door. I go to the stat and sure enough its buzzing loud. I think wow, never had this before! Then i realize its the doorbell a couple feet above the stat making all the noise. Customer doesn't believe me so I get a latter , remove a wire from doorbell and sound quits. I put it on/off/on/off and she now believes me. Then the MR. Crouch wakes up from his nap and starts screaming and pointing his finger in my face, cussing and rainting saying we broke the door bell. After a few minutes I thought , I am leaving. I go to the van and get in. He comes out and says where are you going. I told him I was leaving and I can't take being yelled at and finger in my face. He says he never did this and demands for me to check the A/C. I walk around back with him and I said yep, that a A/C and I left. I did get a call from the office!!!

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    When I lived and worked in south fla.had an apprentice with me.clogged underslab condensate line .had a 90 where it came up out of ground.I tell my helper to watch it snd let me know what comes out,10 lbs,then 20-30-40 lbs of nitrogen I blow through drain from ahu .says nothing,I put 50 in it,clog gets undone ,I hear a loud scream ,he was literally a ft above 90 when it hit him square in the eye,then the decayed water snake splattered all over him,he smelled horrific,never saw such a purple swollen black eye like that before.
    Your Satisfaction...Our Goal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coolperfect View Post
    Two15 ton splits,units started and running a few weeks,customer not happy many calls.I get a call on standby.Pressures crazy up and down low and high check condensing unit,see no problem.Go to check TXV's,not there liquid lines ran straight into distributers!
    maybe it was a cap tube system

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    "Go to such and such address< they have a noise complant < they claim its coming from the duct work upstairs". Well after running around , up and down , turning the furnace on and off, and on and off, over and over, But still hearing the noise myself, I GO INTO THE BATH ROOM AND FIND THAT THE TOILET HAS BEEN RUNNING THE HOLE TIME !!!!!! I then wiggle the handle and reach in and re adjust the plug and made the noise go away!

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    Went on a ice machine not working call. At a old folks home, maintenance person had flaker torn apart (Scotsman.) had water in gear case, auger on table with all the rest of pieces. I was asked what is wrong with it? I did find water reservoir sensor open, bearings were good no water in them. No scalds on side of evaporator.

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