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    levittown, pa
    I went to a call 2 months ago for a "whooshing sound" that the customer thought was water leaking in his attic. I arrived[ sunday morning ] and the house was dead silent so I naturally heard this faint sound. I walked up this loft area to the attic where the sound was coming from, looked inside and the was no furnace or fan coil. I came back out and heard the sound perfectly, looked down at a rock shaped speaker where the noise was coming from, so I put it to my ear and it was some type of weird radio static. So I turned off his radio for him. The guy was so embarassed but I still had to charge him. Everyone laughed for weeks after that one!!!!

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    hmm I have allot..

    Had a guy want me to do a capacity test on his NEW air conditioner he bought on a Sunday afternoon because he felt that since HE paid thousands of dollars for a new on he should be able to get his tstat to drop down to 65 degree's when its 95 outside with 100 percent humidity

    I POLITELY told him to eat a bag of dicks..

    system was running fine when I arrived to the EMERGENCY call on Sunday evening.

    all my stupid calls are either during the weekend or late night. Had a 75 year old lady call dispatch on a Saturday, or Sunday it was one of those days saying her Air conditioner was not working. So I go out there and here is this old lady in a robe escourting me to her damn Alarm control panal on the wall and low and behold I am looking at a flashing message, it says CHECK AC.....

    I politely tell the old lady to call her alarm service.

    Got stiffed on that call by the way.

    allot of dehumidistats set to #$# percent no cool calls.. Where you go there and turn the damn nob to ON, and just admire the ignorance...

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    Emergency No Cool Call at 8pm, Drove 2hrs to get there. I arrive Home is 60 inside.

    "So your AC is working?"

    "Yes but it runs for 15 minutes than shuts off for 30 minutes no matter how low I turn down the thermostat"

    Go out side and what do I find?? An OFF PEAK SAVER SWITCH

    SON OF A #$&**

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    1am during a Minnesota winter I get a call I know is over an hour away so I try to diagnose over the phone. Everything checks out. The customer repeatedly says I just got my propane filled not to long ago. I drive out and walk to the propane tank though crotch deep guessed it, empty! Aaaaargh! How long ago did you fill it? "Oh only about 2 months ago."

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    Service call for no cooling on a system we installed the previous year.
    Me: "How often to you change your filter?"
    customer: "filter?"

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    After hours call back. Totally irate customer yelling on the phone claiming I'm incompetent because his system stopped running a couple of hours after my repair that morning. I drive to the house to find the furnace switch that was hidden behind a box on a shelf turned off accidentally when the customer placed the box there. No apology from the customer but I did get a $20 tip after charging him my after hours diagnostic fee. Doh!

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    Go to a call for carbon monoxide alarm. Search for a couple hours getting high readings on my meter. Not coming from water heater or furnace but levels are high in the basement. Go into crawl space entrance in basement levels start climbing. Further in I go the higher they go. Get to the end of the crawl at the wall 250 ppm. Wtf, no equipment in there, no flue pipes nothing that could produce carbon monoxide. Hmm what's on the other side of this wall. The garage. Go out there readings are even higher. Turns out the lady was warming her car up in the garage for 15 minutes every morning with the door closed. I thought her husband was gonna kill her when they got the bill.

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    85 year old woman cant get her heat to work when 95 outside. She turns cool temp up then heat temp down. she calls twice a year.

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    Several years ago an Ice Storm came thru the area and knocked out power all over the city. Customer call to say her heat was out. I asked her if she was effected by the power outage. Yes I have no power, but my heat should still work, the pilot light is still on. Mam you need electrical power to operate the furnace. I want you to come out and fix my furnace cause im cold. Mam, with no power your furnace will not operate and there is nothing I can do. Well Im going to call your boss and tell him you won't come out. I said fine would you like his number. She hung up the phone.

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    Noh - furnace not working. Tstat set at 90, house temp 75. System switch on cool. Elderly lady, but retired professor. Drew diagram of tstat functions on service ticket. Six weeks later, same call, same house. Stat set at 83, house temp 83. Goosed temp to 90, temp climbs to 85. Another discussion, another $xx.xx.

    Noh - furnace coming on but not firing. Gas cock off, gas valve turned off with nice big red tag affixed.

    Right here, right now in my living room. Furnace cycling too much, maintaining set point. Wife running window AC while drying hair with door to bedroom wide open, ten feet away from tstat. Ignoring issue to keep peace.

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    Had a customer tell me his gas valve was not working & wanted it replaced.
    He gave all the info I picked it up.Went & shut gas valve off at unit & installed it.
    After I was done I wanted to be sure it worked of course so tested it and didn't light. Checked for gas and there was none.
    Gas meter was locked outside. He told me he felt like stupid and handed me a check. He did the trouble shooting not me.

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    Had a no-heat call one evening right before I was about to punch the clock... Went over to his house, and turns out the heat doesnt run if the tstat is set on cool, go figure. Also I get the regular my Ac is broken call, usually in a restaurant, which turns out to be that they shut off the unit when they leave and expect it to be cool as soon as they turn it on first thing in the morning. I suggested they just set back the temp so it tempers the air a little bit and keeps the humidity under control, but I guess that doesn't make much sense.

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    oh s%6&!

    This was years ago. Low income high rise, no cooling call. Found the Honeywell T87-f being used as an incense holder and of course the incense was keeping the mercury bulb from moving. Called back the next day. Lady opens the door, sees me, turns to look at the stat with the new stick of incense burning in it and says "oh sh%t"! "sorry!" lol!

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