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    stupid call

    I went on a call last week, new construction, ICF house, Dual fuel heat pump. Home owner acting as own contractor. One of the systems had blank stat and wouldn't work, I thought of the pack rats that had chewed up low voltage wires after install. No power at furnace, breaker was good had power, rechecked outlet, had power. The homeowner had installed tamper resistant recept. and the plastic covers were not allowing contact to furnace plug, took 15 minutes to diagnose and replace with standard recept. He argued for longer, about me charging him.

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    the call I posted before, they called again and it was the same thing, plugged filter!!!!

    The Food Stamp Program, administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, is proud to be distributing the greatest amount of free meals and stamps EVER.
    Meanwhile, the National Park Service, administered by the U.S. Department of the Interior, asks us to "Please Do Not Feed the Animals". Their stated reason for this policy "... the animals become dependent on handouts and will not learn to take care of themselves."
    from an excerpt by Paul Jacob in Sun City, AZ

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    Confused Stupid Call

    You dont know stupid until you have worked around "educators" for 28 years. I could spend all day ranting here but the number one stupid call I went on when I worked for the schools was,,,,

    It was close to lunch time but it was August and school had just started so my partner and I decided to catch one more call before going to eat. We rolled up to the classroom (it was a portable classroom) and started checking the unit. Everything seems to be running fine so we go inside to check with the teacher. The room feels comfortable and the class has gone to lunch so after turning the stat down some we go eat lunch. When we come back we notice the unit is off. We go inside and ask the teacher if she was having any problems with her A/C as we figured the wrong room # may have been put on the work order. But she says "yes, its not cooling". So I go to the stat to learn it has been turned up from where I had left it. I ask her about it and she says "it was cold when we got back so I turned it up some". I just stand there looking at her and she figures out what she said then says "but I didnt get as cold as I normally would".

    These are the people that educate our children!

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    Had a meeting room full of PhD's, our elected community leaders, and some off the smartest people in the county. They were freezing, after enduring comments about, "is the heating system broken, can you fix it, this is totally unexceptable." Went to the thermostat, and flipped the little lever from cool to heat, and heard the blower kick on. BTW, I had a FocusPro in the room, and had already put the Mercury stat back on the wall, because it was too complicated. These are the people that are planning our future in the county and state.

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    No AC call. Crummy access in attic, of course.
    Found unit switch off.
    I think I was the second guy out there.

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    2yr old 90% furnace customer complains of smoke outside of building she never seen before turns out it was her original chimmney with water heater still connected argued that she never saw this before and its our fault lol some people r just ignorant

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    I've had some no brainer furnace calls but in the service business I made a lot of money going on a service call for an electric light doesn't work and put in a new bulb for the customer.

    Frozen propane tank regulators have been problematic but it's usually easy to determine that over the phone then have the customer thaw the regulator with a pan of hot water then cover it in newspaper and have the gas provider replace the regulator in the morning.

    No charge for a 15 minute over the phone fix and I've got the client for their service needs forever.

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    I went on one last summer, it was a new install and the complaint was there was water on the floor of the basement workshop type area. I go out and find that nobody turned on the breaker for the condensate pump.

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    cooling noise/

    find a tree branch in the condenser, charged the customer after hours diagnostic,

    "Im shocked you are going to charge me"

    "im shocked you didn't walk out to your condenser before calling me"
    Work sucks, lets go skydive

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    True story.
    It actually didn't happen to me but to one of the guys I worked with, Doug, who got a call to a restaurant, freezer not working, product warming up. He went there, climbed up onto the top of the walk in freezer box, observed the situation, climbed down, says to himself "NooooooooooWay did I see that right!". Climbed back up, sure enough, a plumber had somehow decided that the suction line was where he was supposed to install a backflow preventer valve.
    To this day I wonder what that plumber actually thought when 8 plus pounds of refrigerant (R502) was released into atmosphere when he cut into the 7/8" suction line with his tubecutters. Sewer gas?

    Another one worthy of mention - I used to run all the HVAC/R DDC etc. equipment at our hospital, about 450,000 square feet of building in total. I was the second HVAC/R maintenance man to ever be hired in that position, first was fired for stealing parts to run his outside company, previously they hired contractors or it went without proper servicing. Anyways, about 2 weeks after I get there, I work my way through a bunch of work orders to one from the stenography department, 30 women who sit and type out doctors orders and notes for patient files. Complaint of temperatures inconsistent in the large room. Cold air dropping on their shoulders, giving them headaches etc.
    It's October, about 20F outside temp.
    Right away I find the perimeter hydronic heating is providing 130F heat from the convection heaters offsetting heatloss through the wall and windows, and the air conditioning system is providing 50F cooling out of the ceiling mounted diffusers. I go to adjust the pneumatic thermostat that controls the cooling/heating from the multizone ahu, only to have several of the women tell me "Oh, you can't touch that thermostat, we're not supposed to adjust it".
    Turns out that the previous "Tech" didn't understand the system and had the nerve to tell all the women that they were going through menopause, that was why they "thought" the temperature was all over the map. Made me look like a hero, that guy did.

    I love following behind hacks. Easy money.

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    Went to a commercial call. Heat pump blowing cold air. Turned out that the back door was open and return was right there. It was 36 out and the unit was undersized

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    my first company i worked for last summer we had a "t-stat not coming on" call and it was one of those fancy handheld all touch screen stats, batteries were dead, changed them with batteries the homeowner had, charged them for the call and went about my way

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    dont know about stupid but
    when i was a plumber i went to snake a drain/ main drain house trap!

    i took a gad and a hammer to bust open the old brass cleanout !

    hit it a few times and off it came!
    a 4 foot iguana jumed out at me out of the sewer line!
    scared the carp out of me!

    iguana was the clog!

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