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Hi all,

I was wondering what is the stupidest service call you've ever ran?

Let me start with mine today.

Customer call for no heat.
When arrived, furnace has no power,
checked outlet, no 120v.
Checked breaker, breaker is good.
After running around for 40 mins and multiple phone calls to different tech I ask the customer if I can use the phone cause mine was out of battery. Customer said, the phone doesn't work because her utility was shut off for non payment. DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She paid her bill, but it wouldn't go through for another two days. Advise customer that the furnace should work once she has utility on. I felt so sorry for her that I didn't even charge for the service call.
I had one of those. one hour to get to customer house and I started checking for power. I asked the home owner for the panel box and went to it and the breaker was ok. I went back to the customer and asked her if she had an emergency switch somewhere. She did and I turned it on and left.