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    Master HVAC exam

    I'm wanting to get my masters and I am wondering which books were most helpful and the ones you used the most on the test? Any input appreciated. Thanks.

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    My father went to Yale to get his masters. There were a lot of books involved. He told me it took him 6 years.

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    This question requires tons of research and preparation. Get with your local municipality to find out licensing requirements. In my Area an ICC master exam is the only requirement. Other areas require proof of experience. With that said the ICC master exam can be passed with a copy of the appropriate mechanical code text. Get on the web and search icc contractor exam bulletin. Hope this helps.

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    IMC, and Modern Ref. & AC book. That's the only 2 I used for the Mechanical.
    For the Gas I used NFGC & NFPA58.

    The most important thing is understanding the verbiage used in the code books, and how to search the index.

    Once you have those down, you can find most answers in 30 secs.

    For example: How far apart should the support strapping be on a horizontal 3/4" gas line?
    You would index search support, not gas line or straps, etc.
    Most often the questions will have the index keyword, but not always.

    One thing you may want to know. The IMC book dropped chapter 7 "combustion air" back in '06 I believe, so you may want to bring the NFGC for the mechanical as well.
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    In alabama they give you a list of code books and textbooks you're required to bring to the test. The catch is learning how to get through the books to reference codes and do load calculations while being timed. There is also an experience requirement.

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    I'm taking n29 test Saturday. I'm scared

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