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    Paper Tech checking In

    Been learning from most of the posts on this forum and wanted to say hows it going?
    so heres my newbie intro

    My name is Paul 31 yrs old and I live in california central valley. I made the decision to go for a career in the HVAC about 2 years ago. I completed a A.S Degree in HVAC about 3 months ago along with obtaining the Hvac excellence certs in gas heat, heat pump, electrical, light commercial. Got universal EPA and have over the last year became a seminar junkie to try and learn as much as I can before I get into the field. I have attended the IHACI presentations down in Tulare california 26 presentations total. So became a proud IHACI member. I am very excited to get an opportunity to get into the field and learning as much as I can right now (even though alot of the NATE stuff is over my- head) I like to sponge up period. I am haven't got into the field yet because I am working on a A.S degree in Industrial Technology to learn about commercial 3 phase, PLC, hydrolics etc.. to better round me out as an HVAC tech. Thanks for all the great info and appreciate the site, have a nice one.

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    welcome aboard, there's plenty of knowledge on this board; just have to take some of it with a grain of salt
    It`s better to be silent and thought the fool; than speak and remove all doubt.

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