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    Two years ago I replaced a 25 year old Williamson Tempmatic Low Boy - the one with tke round heat exchanger - with a Williamson Centenial LowBoy - with the square heat exchanger and two inspection ports on the front. The old one worked fine but was probably nearing the end of its lifecycle so time for a new one. Basically no soot in the new heat exchanger ( stock Carlin EZ Pro .75 gph) but it's difficult to get around the back of the heatexchanger with a brush.The older one was easy to clean with brush with a rounded handle. I clean the HX twice a season and have the furnace tuned/setup profesionally every two years (use about 300 gal oil/year). Any tricks or special tools to get around the back side of that square conner. Thanks as usual for any tips. I enjoy reading the posts. Mark S

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    i have a small diameter hose i use for my soot vac, i can usually get around the backs of heat exchangers or at least close enough to get the soot sucked out.


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    Properly setup, the Carlin Elite leaves nothing behind for vacuuming. At 300 gallons a year consumption, a heat exchanger cleanout is valid maybe every 5 yrs....really. Burner maintenance should be every other year too.

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    Casturbo, thanks for your reply. You're right in that the Carlin leaves nothing behind. And I guess I'm lucky because my oil company suggests all the low end stuff I can do myself - oil filter, air filter, HX cleaning with a furnace brush, ect. I see you are right up the road from me. I'm in Madison. JJ Sullivan is the oil company. One of their techs set up a WM WTGO that I installed for my mom. He had a real passion for tunning it. A digital meter with a printout. Thanks again.

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