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    Ruud gas furnace question

    I have a ruud silhouette gas furnace and I have noticed the fan will not run when the selector is "on". It works fine on "auto" but when I turn it to the "on" position I can hear a click in the wall and nothing happens. The reason I am wanting this to work is that I bought a new thermostat that has a refresh cycle for the fan that always the fan to run 15 minutes every hour. The old thermostat wouldnt run the fan in the "on" location either. Any help would be awesome as I bought this house as a foreclosure and I do not have any manuals or anything. Thanks

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    with that could be anything.

    bite the bullet and call your service contractor.
    It`s better to be silent and thought the fool; than speak and remove all doubt.

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    The click you hear is the relay on the Tstat telling the relay on the furnace to turn on. One of them is not doing what it should, but my guess would be the message is not making its way to the furnace. Check the dealer locator in the index an there may be a dealer here near you.

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    Lots of locations can cause this problem

    Best to have your pro technician have a look. If not, more damage can
    Smart homeowners know when to call in the experts!

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