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    napoleon npi45 ignitor trouble

    My wife tried to start the stove tonight and I found that the burnt pot overflowing with pellets. I thought the pot was just clogged with debris so I cleaned it out and tried again. NOTHING. I realized that the ignitor wasn't glowing. I have the stove out and was wondering how to troubleshoot the ignitor and associated components before just ordering parts. I'm relatively handy and have no trouble using a multimeter; I just don't know the voltage, ohms, etc to test. Any advice greatly appreciated!

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    unfortunately there is no DIY what I can tell you is the obvious the ignitor is a fixed resistance and needs continuity to complete a circuit. The circuit needs to be fed by voltage

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    Why is everyone so uptight about providing advice for homeowners? For the love of god, it's an internet forum, not some clandestine meeting in Pyongyang trying to overthrow the north Korean regime. And it seems that people on the forum want to give their advice and do so, while skirting forum rules, by saying "a professional should be contacted" and "this professional would probably do A, B, or C." Wink wink nod nod. Everyone, especially the forum adminstrators (HVAC nazis), needs to lighten up a bit! Either grow a set and give me a straight answer or find another forum where your expertise and opinions will be freely welcomed, appreciated, and taken simply as advise, not gospel!

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