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    Service magic

    Hey guys, I'm just getting out there on my own and decided to give service magic a try to drum up a little extra business. Wondering if anybody out there has used them and had any thoughts good or bad? Thanks, John

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    The leads will drain you dry if you don't watch out. You have to respond quickly or you'll miss the boat. But SM will still get their cut off you. We tried it for a while, but there was no ROI involving them for us. Most of the 'tire kickers' were looking to find the lowest bid. And that's not the market we cater to.

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    If you decide to give them a try I would avoid the the install leads and go stickly for the service leads. The install people already have a price and just want to check their price against a few others, BELIEVE ME. Service magic's website gives the impression that the customer will get four free quotes after filling out the info form, well the website doesn't state that someone will need to come out. Many people are expecting a quote to pop up on the screen after they fill out the form, so you can imagine how pissed off some people are after getting phone calls from contractors for two days straight.

    The people that are looking for service have an immediate need, so if you're quick enough and cheap enough they will use you.
    Saving the service call at a time.

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    I tried them and will not return their repeated calls for me to join back up. I don't like their lead structure at all because I can't sit there and wait for them to come in so that I can be the first responder.

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    It's a BS business scheme. Our company used them for a summer and as stated earlier the leads just killed our ROI. You can't make any money from a bunch of low rents looking for lowest bid. You also have to watch the area the calls are actually for those jokers were sending us calls for 3 hours away and charging us for them. anyhow you get the picture.

    Bar none the biggest trick is to get a few customers treat them right with good work and fair prices then let word of mouth work for you from there. My grandpa just retired after being a carrier dealer for 60 years and in that time we never ran one ad anywhere it was all word of mouth.

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