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    New HVAC Inspection

    Had a new Carrier Infinity 25VNA and FE4AN split system installed last week. Installer scheduled city inspection for tomorrow. What is involved with a new install inspection? I am out of town and will not be there for the visit.
    Happy holidays!

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    It depends on the inspector, and the municipality you live in. Some are extremely thorough others are visual inspection and that's it.

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    each one different

    Seems every inspector has a favorite area.. Maybe electrical, or venting
    sometimes it depends on their workload, if they have 14 places to go to,
    including travel time they may be onsite for 5 minutes!!
    Course they can check visually 20 things in 1 minutes of looking..
    venting/sheet metal/piping/taping/duct work and such.
    I like to be there too,but sometimes it just doesnt work out!!

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    Code compliance only, the inspection won't verify QC or Operations. They are probably jammed due to the holiday schedule so he/she won't likely dilly dally.

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    Depends on where you live. In California- you would need C4R/C6R Hers rater & a TXV/charge verification prior to final. You would need a plot plan showing setbacks & where condenser is going, duct R value verification in addition to all the code compliance requirements for the install.
    Or- maybe nothing but a 3 minute walk through.

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