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    This is not HVAC related but funny.I have a beagle that stays in the backyard and barks all day.My neighbor behind me finally got tired of the barking and called my wife to complain. My wife blew it off and said she was sorry about it. A few weeks later after more beagle bark, the neighbor called again and said she had a headache and asked if we could bring the dog in,so we did.My wife finally broke down and bought an anti barking collar. We put it on the dog and it worked(for about a week).The barking continued.We got another call from our neighbor and she informed us that she was having a garden club meeting at her house this saturday and wondered if Grace(the beagle)was going to bark during the meeting.My wife said hold on, let me ask her. There was a short pause and my wife replied "Yep".

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    Cool DUKE

    Inspect the under side of your dogs neck where the contact points touch the dogs neck if you leave it on to long it will rub the dogs neck raw after awhile.P.S. check my RTHB post.

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    I've own a couple of dogs. A german wirehair pointer and a shorthair pointer. No offense - it may seem funny from your point, but I've got neighbors with poodles that bark constantly when they are out. When I am working in the back yard and they let the dogs out the only things going through my mind are "I'd like to shut that dog up for good" and "I wonder if they'd catch me with my BB gun hitting the little Bastard(s)?"

    I've got a buddy that raises and trains dogs for a living. It always amazes me that he can control 35-45 dogs better than most can control their one. Also he doesn't let his dogs bark!

    To me it is common courteousy to not let your dogs bark uneccesarily.

    If your bark collar only worked for a week then either it's a POS or it isn't being applied properly. I own a Tri-Tronics Bark Limiter and it is an excellent bark collar. You can set up to 5 different levels. I've had a few barking dogs I've watched for others and it's worked everytime. Anyway here's a link

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