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    Ture story.

    A group of us techs where sitting arround a table going over the installation instructions of a new programable thermostat when Charlie asked if Honeywell makes a "Mother-in-Law thermostat".

    A "Mother-in-Law thermostat?"

    "Yeah, you know, one with a Florida setting."
    Ephesians 2:8,9

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    although I have not had to do it myself I have been told of guys putting a thermostat in that is not wired in so that someone can adjust the non working one thinking it is changing temps

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    yeah, my dad did that(put a non working stat on that you could "adjust") when my grandpa moved in with us. He was always cold, so he would put the stat on 80 thinking it would get warmer. The real stat was a honeywell digi that you had a lock combo on. That's PHAT.

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    I work on for a college. The guys before me installed many thermostats around campus that do nothing just so people would think they were doing something. It seems to work. The only problem is I don't know where all of those thermostats are so it makes troubleshooting a pain.

    The other thing the guys before me would do was to tell people they were working on the heat problem. Then when the day got warmer people would thank them for fixing the problem.

    I guess those are just some of the tricks of the trade.

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    Seen it before.
    Called a "Placebo"-Stat.
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