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    Toshiba Tablet

    All the bells and whistles and a EVDO card from Verizon. Was working on the kitchen counter top, had it in it's travel case with the top unzipped and flap open. Stepped away to make some dinner and came back. Closed the laptop and the flap while eating and when I returned I snatched the handle and walked away with the case.

    To my surprise the laptop flew out of the side flap and slammed on the hardwood floor... BAM, flat on it's bottom and slid against a cabinet... BAM again. Took a big gasp and picked it up. Was still in one piece. Opened it up and the screen and keyboard was in one piece.

    So....... I turned it back on and immediately went into F8 for safe mode and did a chkdsk/f. Seemed to be OK... Rebooted and fired up XP Tablet... It too fired up OK... waiting, waiting... wireless hooked up and found the network. Whewwwwwwww

    No damage on the outside and it fired up, even the EDVO card hooked up... man-o-man am I lucky... set the tools to do a scandisk and file check, still no damage!

    Just call me lucky! !

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    My daughters 2.5 year old laptop's hard drive crashed. They replaced it but said because of abuse that laptops take it is way more common for that than with desktops.
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    Toshiba is build for heavy duty.

    Unfortunately the bastards sold US nuclear sub propulsion technology to the communist Chinese. This was a factor when I bought my HP a few weeks back. I wanted to know I wasn't contributing to the destruction of the free world.

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    Something similar here...the other day I bought a USB2 external hard drive enclosure and drive. When I finished installing the drive in the box, I noticed that I forgot to put the screws holding the drive to the enclosure. I took off the end and the internal part with the hard drive slipped out to the ceramic floor 3 feet below. It bounced like a basketball. Reassembled, fired up , did a chkdisk /r and it works fine.

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    sort of a flying laptop.

    be carefull they dont know what a soft landing is:roll eyes
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    ~L~.....Sometimes We Get Lucky

    On our journey to NH back in October to bury our son Patrick, my wife and I were checking in at Orlando International and she accidentally dropped my laptop on the tiled floor. It was in a decent case but it landed real hard on edge. When we got to Boston I checked it and no response at all. No power, no nothing.

    Later at the hotel in Portsmouth I checked it again this time I pulled the battery out, reinstalled and then used the A/C adapter for power. Still Nada, so I figured it's trashed.

    After returning home a few days later, I was on line shopping for a new laptop and got the inspiration to try it again. I thought of Pat, who was a true computer geek, and said a quick prayer to him for help. I push the on button and it booted up like nothing had ever happened and has been fine ever since.

    I gained a new outlook on prayer that day.

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    talk about being blessed!

    that's one to remember

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    DID you damage the hard wood floors ? - The best tool bags on the market - The offical tool bag of choice by techs everywhere

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    Originally posted by The Penguin
    DID you damage the hard wood floors ?
    Funny you should ask

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    I have a thinkpad T-43 darn thing has taken more abuse than a redheaded step child.
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