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    Goodman GMVC95 vs GMVM96 - does this make sense?

    We received an emergency quote to replace one of our two first-generation HE Carrier gas furnaces which conked out last night. This furnace heats our basement and ground floor; the other heats our second and small third floor. We recently moved to a 20 year old very modern, open concept home. We have AC upstairs and plan to install AC later downstairs. We also plan to replace the upstairs furnace eventually but it does not need immediate replacement.

    The contractor was recommended by a knowlegeable friend, and installs Goodman furnaces. The space for the furnace is very tight. When he visited our home, he initially suggested either a GMVC95 two-stage furnace or a GMVM96 modulating furnace. Today over the phone he told us the modulating furnace will not fit so it would have to be the two-stage furnace.

    Does this make any sense? Or is in more likely that the modulating furnace is not in stock? They look identical in the brochures he brought, although I did read online that the GMVC95 can be installed in different orientations and I don't know if this is true for the GMVM96. What would we be giving up by getting the two-stage rather than the modulating furnace?

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    I personally wouldn't suggest a GMVM. Personal opinion.
    It's alot of extra money, for something that I feel is just not worth the money.
    It's not because I don't like modulating. It's that on the technical side of goodmans modulating, I don't feel it's worth the extra cost.

    I would suggest the GMVC95, with a honeywell IAQ, setup for dehumidifcation, and humidifcation.
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    Going by Knott's reply. A "D" cabinet is 24" wide a "C" cabinet is 21" wide. Pictures only show one size unit.
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