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    Confused Millivolt wiring issue

    I think I know the answer to this, but I wanted to get some conformation before I cut into my wall.

    I installed a direct vent gas system a few years back. Over all, the system's been working great. However, I've always had a problem with the wall switch (which is a millivolt switch) not working. It seems that it will work for a bit, then static will build up in the line and then it will stop working until I pull the switch out and discharge the static. Then it works fine again. This is true even if I pull the switch out and just connect the wires directly.

    I think I know why, but I wanted some more opinions on this. The run is probably less than 5 feet from the fireplace, and I was careful to keep it separate from the 120V lines. However, I ran the line into a double gang, because I wanted the fireplace fan switch next to it (stupid, I know). However, the fan switch is a 120V line and I'm guessing I'm getting some induced current from that line in my millivolt system, causing static build-up. I'm guessing moving the millivolt line a little ways away will probably fix the problem. Don't know why I didn't think of this when I was installing it . Anyway, does this seem like the probable cause, or could there be some other factors at play?

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    I think you have it figured out.

    You can get dividers to put in the 2 gang box to legally seperate your high voltage from the low voltage.

    They are plastic so I would try that, if it isnt enough to stop the problem you could try putting metal tape on the low volt side of the divider.

    good luck
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    Elimanate & buy a remote.
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    Okay, thanks for the advice! I should have known better when I was installing it. I think I'll try that divider idea and see if it does the trick (fingers crossed). That's sounds much better than tearing into my walls to move the switch. If that doesn't work I might just break down and fork out the money for a remote.

    Thanks again for the advise!

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