Hey there, looking for some advice. ive been in this trade for about 4 years now, im 23 years young ive been working on mainly commercial a/c and refrigeration equipment, reach in coolers and walk in boxes, a/c up to about 50 tons. not being cocky in anyway but id rather keep learning and picking my brain. a few cooling towers. but i really want to get more into the industrial refrigeration. i hear the other techs talking about rack refrigeration,refrigeration for medicines. ice rooms, refrigeration for these large farms and the more technical shhhh. im in the low 20's now. i know ill take a paycut switching to a new company. ill even go down to probably a helpers scale. if its going to pay off. do you think i have a chance getting into some industrial refrigeration company or do they usually only higher more of the older techs with 15+ years experience. by the way im in miami,Fl.