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    Facts about our boy Hong Bopei

    Hong Bopei (presidential candidate),_Jr

    Jon Meade Huntsman, Jr. (born March 26, 1960) is an American politician and diplomat who served as the 16th Governor of Utah. He also served in the administrations of four United States presidents and is a candidate for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination.

    Huntsman has also served as CEO of his family's Huntsman Corporation and was elected Governor of Utah in April, 2004 and won re-election in 2008 with nearly 78% of the vote. While governor, he also served as chairman of the Western Governors Association and as a member of the Executive Committee of the National Governors Association. On August 11, 2009, he resigned as governor to accept an appointment as the United States Ambassador to the People's Republic of China.

    Huntsman was born March 26, 1960 in Redwood City, California.[2] His mother is Karen Haight Huntsman, daughter of LDS Church apostle David B. Haight.[3] His father is billionaire businessman and philanthropist Jon Huntsman, Sr. of the Huntsman Corporation.[4] Through his father, Huntsman, Jr. is the great-great-great-grandson of early LDS Church leader Parley P. Pratt.[5]

    In 1975 (age 15), Huntsman earned the rank of Eagle Scout, the highest rank of the Boy Scouts of America.[6][7] Huntsman attended Highland High School in Salt Lake City but dropped out before graduating to pursue his passion as a keyboard player in the rock band Wizard.[8][9]

    Huntsman later obtained a G.E.D. and enrolled at the University of Utah, where he became, like his father, a member of the Sigma Chi fraternity. Huntsman served as a Mormon missionary in Taiwan for two years. He then transferred to the University of Pennsylvania, where he received a bachelor's degree in international politics in 1987.

    In February 2011, Huntsman was the target of China's Internet policing in the wake of the 2010–2011 Middle East and North Africa protests, otherwise known as the Jasmine Revolution.[41][42] Huntsman was captured on video at a square crowded with protesters. When approached by a demonstrator, he reportedly said: "I'm just here to look around."[43] The event was termed "The Huntsman Walk",[44] and his Chinese name, 洪博培 (Hóng Bópéi),[45] was temporarily blocked from Chinese search engines.[46]

    Political views

    Huntsman has been described by the Huffington Post as "a conservative technocrat-optimist with moderate positions who was willing to work substantively with President Barack Obama"[70] and identifies himself as a center-right conservative.

    n 2007, when asked about a healthcare mandate, Huntsman said, "I'm comfortable with a requirement – you can call it whatever you want, but at some point we're going to have to get serious about how we deal with this issue".[73

    In addition, Huntsman has proposed reducing the corporate tax rate from 35% to 25%, eliminating corporate taxes on income earned overseas, and implementing a tax holiday for repatriation of corporate profits. Concerning capital gains and dividends, Huntsman is in favor of their elimination.[78]

    As Utah's Governor, he supported legislation that would have allowed civil unions for same-sex couples in the state.[81

    In 2005, Huntsman signed a bill giving illegal aliens access to "driving-privilege cards", which allowed them to have driving privileges but unlike driver licenses, cannot be used for identification purposes.

    As Governor, Huntsman threatened to veto a measure repealing in-state college tuition for illegal immigrants.

    In the September 9th, CNN GOP debate, Huntsman suggested that the country needed more legal immigration, claiming that it will revive America's housing market, citing Vancouver's quickly growing real estate market as evidence.[92] Huntsman also supports granting more H-1B visas to foreigners.[93]

    Huntsman also joined REO Speedwagon on the piano for two songs during their concert at the Utah State Fair on September 16, 2005.

    he stated that he is more spiritual than religious and that his membership in the LDS Church is "tough to define"

    stated: "To be clear. I believe in evolution and trust scientists on global warming. Call me crazy."[109]

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    Everything about him sounds normal. But you know the GOP, if he has any skeletons in the closet, they will find out about them.

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