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    Help with York Diamond 90 furnace not starting

    I have a York Diamond 90 updraft furnace in the basement and it stopped working this morning.
    I tried to troubleshoot the problem:
    1. The DRAFT INDUCER MOTOR starts running but the furnace will not come on.
    2. I see 3 flashes of the led on the control board which means that the pressure switch is open.
    3. I saw that the pressure switch has two tubes connected, one to the DRAFT INDUCER MOTOR and one to the burner box, I checked both tubes connections, the one connected to the DRAFT INDUCER MOTOR is blocked by default (the motor side has the connection but when inserting a screw driver there I felt it’s blocked) I looked at the other size connected to the burner box and cleaned it.
    4. I briefly pulled the tube from the burned box and pushed air inside and the pressure switch closed.
    5. The DRAFT INDUCER MOTOR is running as I can see.
    6. I have two pipes from the furnace going outside, one connected to the DRAFT INDUCER MOTOR and the other to the burner box, from what I can understand the DRAFT INDUCER MOTOR pulls air from the outside through the burner box and relief the pressure from the from the other pipe ( am I correct), I cleaned both with vacuum cleaner, I felt strong suction from each side when connected the vacuum to the other pipe.

    Where do I go from here?
    Can it be that the DRAFT INDUCER MOTOR is bad and not sucking enough air from the outside?

    The DRAFT INDUCER MOTOR is A165 Fasco

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    I would call for service, you could get hurt.
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    I spent few hours reading on the internet, took apart the motor, and looked at the fan inside, the top ring was broken but not sure if it's teh cause of the problem.

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    I would keep searching the internet....for a professional.

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    You need a qualified professional to ensure that you don't burn your house down or worse.

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    In a short time with the $4k worth of tools in my truck, I would have traced the problem down without taking apart anything. Now when someone comes out they have either to put it back together or now have to eliminate what you have done to determine the root cause.

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    Quote Originally Posted by items View Post
    Where do I go from here?
    The yellow pages?

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