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    Furnace keeps shutting down... HELP?

    My furnace is a 1990 model manufactured by Inter-City Products in Lavergne, TN. It's model #NUGE050CG02, with a newer (8 years old?) Honeywell digital thermostat.
    It acts normal when I turn it on - inducer fan comes on, gas comes on, igniter lights, burners burn, but this only lasts for two or three minutes, then everything shuts off, including power to the thermostat. I can only get it back on by unplugging the furnace for a few minutes, then after plugging it back in it goes through the same short cycle again then shuts down.

    Things I've done so far:
    1. Checked the flue for obstructions - all clear.
    2. Put on a new ground wire for the control board (Robert Shaw brand without indicator lights).
    3. Changed all the filters.
    4. Put on a new vacuum line from pressure switch to inducer fan.
    5. Verified that I'm getting 24 volts to my pressure switch.
    6. Cleaned the flame sensor with steel-wool.

    What now?

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    you've done more then would normally be suggested for a homeowner. Next step is call in a pro to check the system out. with a heater that is 21 years old you'll definitely want it properly checked out, to make sure it's operating at safe level.

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    If the furnace is running over 2 solid min before shutdown then its warming up and starting to get hot. It might be overheating, it might be having a burning chamber problem, must be checked and tested to know. Its old and must have a pro look at it.
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    I wouldn't guess at any more parts.

    Time to call in a professional.

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    yup.....if it runs for 2-3 minutes and cuts off and the thermostat dies. then it sounds like its over heating. could be a bad part, could be a part working, could be a breach in the heat exchanger. you should have a pro come check this old furnace out for you.

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