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    Take the money and run......

    Payne is a good builder grade furnace, it just has a bad reputation from being installed mainly by home warranty companies
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    you only plan on being in the house for a few years and not a life time '
    do the replacement but keep in mind you are going to get the cheapest job the warrenty co can find but you will have heat and the contractor will be responable for all inspections

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    Quote Originally Posted by beenthere View Post
    No prices allowed in post.
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    I would for sure take whatever payout you can get, and then hire a pro to measure your house and install something high eff with a decent warranty that can transfer to any new owners if you sell. Get a few estimates before you decide if it helps. Home warranties normally provide the cheapest products at the lowest quailty work they can get away with. I have seen them not pull permits or meet newer codes unless you pay extra. If you have to pay anything at all then find your own contractor who is responsible to you and not them. You will be far happier in the long run.
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    Had a pro that was recommended to me locally come out and measure Friday. With the fed tax credit and rebates from the local gas company, hopefully it will put a 92% eff in my price range.

    I appreciate all of the input, and will let you guys know how things work out.

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    Good job!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hvacvegas View Post
    "Go on, take the money and run...."
    What he said ^.
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