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    Help please! New Boiler Purchase Decision Buderus GB142 vs. Burnham Alpine?

    Good Day! I have a 1950's 1,500 sq ft Cape Cod home in SE Wisconsin with an 8 year old oil-burning Burnham boiler with baseboards and will be converting to a new natural gas burning mod-con boiler.

    I would sure appreciate your help in choosing either the Buderus GB142 (85,500 btu) with their S-120 32 gallon indirect water heater or a Burnham Alpine (105,000 btu) boiler with a Themoflo #DHW-46 46 gallon heater.

    Installed pricing from two contractors, both with excellent reputations are within $300 of each other. Both have 10 year guarantees by the installers as long as yearly inspection is carried out. To get it installed by year end, I need to make a decision by Monday.

    Are there strong preferences out there for recommending either brand given similar warranties? Is one better engineered, might hold up longer once the 10-year warranty is up, etc?

    I REALLY appreciate your help...I am STUCK in an indecision mode! Thanks greatly!

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    Both products are top line, go with contractor you feel most comfortable with. If you go with Burnham make sure you have a bypass installed.
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    i've always had good luck and performance with the BUDERUS line.
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    I would go with the gb142. 20+ years in production, don't think any other mod/con can claim that. We have had better results with them then any others.

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    The GB would get my vote.
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