I did go to Hvac school and have an EPA Universal, AHRI (ICE), and school diploma. My electronics side is strong but I don't know much about refrigeration. The school was weak in that aspect.

For that reason I'm wondering if any of you didn't go to school but rather learned on the job. I have serious reservations that I'm ready to work in this industry without some much further experience in certain aspects of it (refrigeration in particular). It would help to know that some of you didn't even go to school for it but rather learned on the job.

What I really need to hear is that any of you were lost when it comes to refrigeration and learned that on the job. The school was excellent in all other aspects but as far as refrigeration goes I don't know much more than superheat, subcooling, and hooking up the gauges. As for troubleshooting and electronics, that was a hobby of mine before entering school so I already knew how to read schematics, what relays were, how to troubleshoot, etc.