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    please help me choose a heat pump

    hi, I know brand doesnt matter and the install does. But I got a few quote and dont know the best match.

    1. Bryant 15seer 3.5ton FX4DNF043T00 air handler and HP-285BNA042000
    the air handler is not variable speed. can variable speed work with zone system?

    2. Carrier 25HCC5 AND AH IS FV4

    3. TRANE XB14 with TAM7 air handler

    they all about the same price

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    I am not familier with the Bryant/Carrier {made by the same company} but I am a Trane dealer. I am not going ot tell you to go with the Trane because of that.

    What I will tell you is the Trane has Comfort R mode on the air handler. This is a blower speed ramp up feature which will give you more comfortable air from the registers and makes the equipment more efficient. Bryant/Carrier have similar features but I am not sure if these have it.

    Having said that find a dealer you are comfortable with then make sure they provide you with equipment with that feature.

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    I will assume nat gas service is not available.

    Several questions first.

    What is your location?

    What size is existing system?

    What size is existing heat strip?

    there are three equally important components-quality HVAC, the install by dealer, and probably the most overlooked and disregarded is the ductwork

    these are my minimum specs for a new HP system. both outside and
    inside units should be replaced to have a properly matched system.

    15 SEER, 12.5+ EER, 9 HSPF
    best matching VS air handler
    full BTUs in both cooling and heating for your rated size
    R-410a refrigerant(same as Puron)
    scroll compressor preferred
    electronic demand defrost preferred
    thermostat with "dehumidify on demand" feature
    staged backup heat strips
    new and correctly sized refrigerant lineset
    10 yr warranty compressor and parts

    you want a thorough inspection of your ductwork system. size, overall
    condition, supply and return lines, insulation qualities, leak test, etc.
    any hot/cold spot issues in your home should be addressed.

    I would look at Trane/AmStd,Rheem/Rudd,Carrier/Bryant.

    Depending on your location/climate, I would not purchase a new HP system that did not have electronic demand defrost. The Trane mdl has it, Carrier/Bryant does not. Electronic demand defrost eliminates/reduces unnecessary, nuisance, and expensive defrost calls.

    I would prefer the XR Trane series over the XB series.


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    No nat gas
    Charleston SC
    My system is 12yr comfort maker 3ton. With California economizer zone board and control. I got a 2300sq two story but only one system. My zone don't work and my system cant cool or heat very well. So I thought 3.5 ton would be good. I got 6bids but no one did a manual j. One said she did a load cal but only took 5-10min (no measurement was taken)

    My neighbor with the same house plan replace his system with a 4ton trane with out any mold problems. but his is two stage compressor and vs air handler.

    My ducts probably do need a little work but my house is on a slab with most of the ducts in between the floor.

    So trane don't use scroll compressor and carrier don't have electronic demand defrost. Which one is more important?

    Do the honey well 6000 thermostat have "dehumidify on demand" feature ? Can this thermostat turn on the trane comfort R feature?

    I prefer the xr15 than the xb14 too but the dealer said it's a extra grand.

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    Trane does have scroll compressors, just not across the whole line. I don't put a lot of weight on the scroll compressor, I have had great luck with Tranes recip. and from what I have been told the scroll is not always as efficient as the recip which is part of the reason Trane uses the recip on part of their line.

    Find someone that will do a proper load, with out it you can't size the equipment or duct the way it should be.

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    Why not fix the zone system? If your home is zoned, it would work much better if system is working. As to brand, I'd try and get a lifetime complete HP replacement warranty on the heat pump. Don't "settle" for just a 10 yr. compressor/parts warranty. I would recommend the companies' own 10 yr. labor warranty though. I'd MUCH rather replace a customer's complete heat pump than just the bad compressor! And if it is outside of the 10 yr. labor warranty it would take less labor to replace the whole heat pump than solder in a compressor. IMO anyway.

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    Most duct systems are undersized for what you have, let alone going bigger. Bigger isn't better. Just because neighbor grossly oversized and isn't getting mold doesn't mean his house is more comfortable, less humid, using less juice. 2 stage is not an excuse for oversizing either. The 2 stage Trane 16i tends to be rather weak on dehumidifying when running on low stage. A bigger unit cycling more is less efficient and a unit on insufficient ductwork is less efficient. So while you may pay a nice premium for a high efficiency unit, in reality you may be gaining little.

    Zoning isn't always the answer either if the duct system is undersized or poorly designed. Certainly can help but may not be perfect as you are finding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BaldLoonie View Post
    .........So while you may pay a nice premium for a high efficiency unit, in reality you may be gaining little........
    Take this to heart. The equipment is a major piece of a complicated puzzle but it's only one piece. It takes a professional with years, if not decades, of experience and intuition to solve a problem like yours but it can be done. I have never been a fan of 2-story houses with a single system but it is what it is. Do yourself a favor and get a real pro in your court, it's going to cost a bit but you won't regret it.
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