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    Scotsman Prodigy Smart Board

    I was curious if anyone has worked on any Scotsman Prodigy ice machines with the smart board accesory. In the manual it talks about having two different versions. One being a data logger and the other not. It also talks about using Scotsman Software. My question would be how do you like the add on or the software. It would be nice to use the software on a computer if it would help you troubleshoot the unit. The manual isn't very specific on either. I have cleaned a few lately and I thought that it would be something good for a customer, but I don't know much about it. Thanks

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    scotsman prodigy data logger

    It is my understanding that the data logger and software is am expensive kit that involves installing sensors and a pressure transducer. I think this is a feature(on the prodigy at least left for troubleshooting difficult machines and probably only used by the boys in the lab over at Scotsman. The new Manatowoc indigo has this feature built in and is really cool I just wish the software was there to sift thru all the data.

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